Frequently Asked Questions is an online platform where users can vote for their favorite political party once every hour. The political party with the most votes by Monday 00:00 UTC wins the title of the week's favorite political party.

You can vote for your favorite political party once every hour. This means you have the opportunity to cast a vote 24 times a day.

The winner of the weekly voting is announced every Monday at 00:00 UTC. The political party with the highest number of votes at that time is declared the favorite political party of the week.

No, once you have cast your vote, it cannot be changed. Make sure to choose your favorite political party carefully before submitting your vote.

There is no limit to the number of political parties you can vote for in a week. You can vote for different political parties each time you vote.

Yes, voting on is completely free. There are no charges associated with casting your vote for your favorite political party.

Yes, you can see the real-time voting results on our website. We provide live updates on the number of votes each political party has received throughout the voting period.

Absolutely, we take your privacy and security seriously. We do not collect any personal information when you vote. Your vote is anonymous and confidential.

Yes, political parties from any country around the world can participate in the voting. We welcome participants from diverse locations and cultures.

You can encourage others to vote for your favorite political party by sharing the voting link on social media, through emails, or by word of mouth. The more people vote for your political party, the higher its chances of winning.