What is your favorite political party?

Name Abbreviation Country Votes Share
United Montenegro United Montenegro UCG Montenegro 0
United National Congress United National Congress UNC Trinidad and Tobago 0
United National Movement United National Movement UNM Georgia 0
United Reform Action United Reform Action URA Montenegro 0
United Russia United Russia YR Russia 0
United Sabah Party United Sabah Party PBS Malaysia 0
United Serbia United Serbia JS Serbia 0
United Socialist Party of Venezuela United Socialist Party of Venezuela PSUV Venezuela 0
Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party UzLiDeP Uzbekistan 0
Venstre Venstre V Denmark 0
Voice - Social Democracy Voice - Social Democracy HLAS-SD Slovakia 0
Volt Germany Volt Germany Volt Germany 0
Volt Netherlands Volt Netherlands Volt Netherlands 0
Vox Vox Spain 0
We Are Peru We Are Peru SP Peru 0
We Can! – Political Platform We Can! – Political Platform Croatia 0
We Continue the Change We Continue the Change PP Bulgaria 0
We-The Voice from the People We-The Voice from the People MI-GIN Serbia 0
Workers' Party of Belgium Workers' Party of Belgium PTB-PVDA Belgium 0
Workers' Party of Korea Workers' Party of Korea WPK North Korea 0
Yes, Bulgaria! Yes, Bulgaria! DB Bulgaria 0

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Hey there, political enthusiasts! Ready to dive into the dynamic world of politics? We've curated a list of the best political parties globally, and guess what? The power is in your hands! It's not just about discussing policies; we're giving you the chance to cast your vote for your favorite party. Whether you're into progressive policies, conservative values, or something in between, your voice matters. Let's make democracy more than just a buzzword - let's turn it into action! So, grab your virtual ballot, and let the voting frenzy begin. Because in this global poll, your opinion counts more than ever!

Best Political Parties

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