What is your favorite political party?

Name Abbreviation Country Votes Share
Party of the Democratic Revolution Party of the Democratic Revolution PRD Mexico 133
Communist Party of India (Marxist) Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPI(M) India 132
United Malays National Organisation United Malays National Organisation UMNO Malaysia 132
Colorado Party Colorado Party ANR-PC Paraguay 130
Communist Party of Vietnam Communist Party of Vietnam CPV Vietnam 127
Liberal Democratic Party Liberal Democratic Party LDP Japan 125
Institutional Revolutionary Party Institutional Revolutionary Party PRI Mexico 124
Brazilian Democratic Movement Brazilian Democratic Movement MDB Brazil 123
Labour Party Labour Party LAB United Kingdom 1
Likud Likud Israel 1
Act Act Brazil 0
Action Action A Italy 0
Action for Andorra Action for Andorra Acció Andorra 0
African National Congress African National Congress ANC South Africa 0
Albanian Alternative Albanian Alternative AA Montenegro 0
Alliance 90/The Greens Alliance 90/The Greens B90/Grüne Germany 0
Alliance for Albanians Alliance for Albanians Ash North Macedonia 0
Alliance for Progress Alliance for Progress APP Peru 0
Alliance for the Union of Romanians Alliance for the Union of Romanians AUR Romania 0
Alliance Germany Alliance Germany BD Germany 0
Alliance of Independent Social Democrats Alliance of Independent Social Democrats SNSD Bosnia and Herzegovina 0
Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians SVM Serbia 0
Alternative Democratic Reform Party Alternative Democratic Reform Party ADR Luxembourg 0
Alternative for Germany Alternative for Germany AfD Germany 0
Amanat Amanat Kazakhstan 0

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Hey there, political enthusiasts! Ready to dive into the dynamic world of politics? We've curated a list of the best political parties globally, and guess what? The power is in your hands! It's not just about discussing policies; we're giving you the chance to cast your vote for your favorite party. Whether you're into progressive policies, conservative values, or something in between, your voice matters. Let's make democracy more than just a buzzword - let's turn it into action! So, grab your virtual ballot, and let the voting frenzy begin. Because in this global poll, your opinion counts more than ever!

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